This New Zealand based Company has got to the bottom of Foot Comfort+Performance for everyday feet.

Based on a proven orthotic design, Foot Science International have developed Formthotics Sport to give you the best possible synergy between your foot and your sports footwear – creating greater feedback, balance, control and recovery to enhance your performance .

With over 30 years of experience in sports medicine and foot health, we recognise that all feet are unique – and the activities those feet undertake are unique as well.

After exhaustive testing and trials, Foot Science International have developed and perfected the Formthotic.
A heat moulded sports orthotic, enabling a completely custom fit,  and personalised anatomical support for your feet.

In addition, with an exceptional understanding of foot and leg function across a variety of activities, we've adapted the mouldable orthotic to meet the specific performance requirements of an athlete in 5 popular sports.


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