Formthotics Sports - Cycle Single

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FO1006 Cycle Single Blue.jpg

Formthotics Sports - Cycle Single



The powerful connection to your bike starts at the feet. Customise the connection to your bike and direct power to the pedals in confidence

For all levels and types of cycling including track, road, mountain bike, BMX, and triathlon.

  • Improve fit and keep feet comfortable during long rides - particularly when using higher gears and on hilly, long rides

  • Achieve mechanical efficiency of the foot and leg

  • Super lightweight at 18 grams, adding minimal weight to the rotating mass

  • Durable

  • Designed for all types of cyclists and cycle shoes:

    • Competitive professionals seeking performance enhancement

    • Daily commutes or weekend excursions for added comfort

    • All road cyclists, mountain bikers, triathletes and track cyclists

  • Keep feet more insulated in cold conditions - from vents under the shoe

  • Developed by podiatrists and tested by a variety of cyclists, in a wide variety of cycle shoes.

Cycle Formthotics™ feature the following technical features:

  • Unique shape – lower arch profile and narrower shape specifically for cycle shoes

  • Different foam options – foam density and volume options to suit cyclists’ performance and comfort requirements


Cycle Formthotics a été conçu pour épouser parfaitement les chaussures de vélo, en remplaçant directement les semelles d’origine. La mousse de faible épaisseur en Formax ™ permet un excellent équilibre entre l’amortissement et le contrôle, soutenant le cheville des pieds et le talon pendant l’effort. N’importe où que vous roulez, sur la route ou sur toutes différentes surfaces, pour une utilisation professionnelle ou pour le plaisir, les semelles Formthotics offrent à vos pieds le soutien idéal.

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